Manildra Group was established in 1952 as an Australian owned company proudly partnering with Australian farms to produce a premium selection of products. Manildra’s product list includes wheat flours, bakery mixes, vital wheat gluten and proteins, starches, syrups, and more.

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23 November 2021 | Coles perfects in-store bread with Manildra Group

Manildra Group, together with major supermarket retailer Coles, have perfected the freshly baked in-store bread range using a combination of ingredients and baking techniques to create delicious bread varieties that contain less sodium, whilst producing softer and fluffier bread for longer. READ MORE

23 November 2021 | Breaking boundaries in bread innovation in the USA

Manildra Group USA is breaking new ground in the low-carbohydrate market with FiberGem®, a premium resistant wheat starch for baked goods. READ MORE

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