The resources on this page have been collated to assist you in navigating your business through the Coronavirus Pandemic. All care is taken in presenting this information to you. Please do your own due diligence prior to execution. 

If you or a member of your team are experiencing signs of declining mental health due to the effects of the pandemic click here for support.

Classification of a bakery business

When deciding what classification your bakery business is please refer to the following guidelines or contact us for assistance.

Bakery/Hot Bread Shop

A retail business where product is produced on site and the majority of the product produced is sold through the retail operation at the front.  There is minimal wholesale and there may be a few tables and chairs at the front, but they are used by customers who have purchased take away products but consume them on site.  There is not normally table service.  Employees are covered by the General Retail Industry Award, or in some rare cases, the Fast Food Industry Award.


A retail business where food is produced and then purchased and consumed on the premises.  Some takeaway sales may be made (such as takeaway coffee) but this is not the predominant purpose of the business.  Employees are covered by the Restaurant Industry Award.

Food Manufacturer

A wholesale business which produces bread and bakery products for sale by retail outlets.  The retail outlets may be operated by the food manufacturer or customers of the manufacturer.  There may be a component of sales on site to retail customers but this is inconsequential when compared to the turnover of the business.  Employees will be covered by the Food, Beverage and Tobacco Manufacturing Award.

News and updates by state

Restrictions and rules for businesses in relation to Covid-19 are unique from state to state and change daily. We recommend following your state government on social media or checking these sites regularly to keep up with the latest releases.

Government assistance & grants

  • Australian Government Financial Support for Small Businesses READ MORE
  • Australian Government COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Fund READ MORE
  • Australian Government COVID-19 Lockdown Support READ MORE
  • Australian Government Grants, Payments, and Stimulus During COVID-19 READ MORE

Business Templates

The following resources have been developed to assist with Covid related issues involving staff and business. You may either use the wording as is, or amend it to suit your particular circumstances, however please seek advice before forwarding an amended versions to ensure you have complied with your statutory obligations.


Print these on your office printer and laminate for instore signage. Copies are also included in this years New Members and Renewal Packs.

Maximum Number of Customers Instore


We are Covid Vaccinated!


Maximum Number of Customers in this Bakery


Social Distancing