Social media is a great way to keep your customers up to date with what is happening within your business. The list of available platforms is endless so we recommend keeping it simple and only signing up for the platforms that you will use. Below we have provided a basic explanation of a selection of social media platforms and how you can use them as a baker or for marketing your baking business.


By far the most popular social media platform in use today, Facebook connects users with family, friends, and local businesses they choose to follow. As a marketing channel  it allows users to publish video, photos, and links to their news feed. These posts are shown to those who follow the business who can engage with the post by sharing, liking, or commenting. Businesses can also boost posts to attract new followers. 


Instagram users publish photos and videos to their profile, Followers can view these posts in their news feed and engage by liking it or leaving comments. Hashtags are used to help users find content of interest. Posts can be turned into paid adverts to attract new followers. Instagram is renown for beautiful high quality images. 


Think of Pinterest as a digital pin board where you can catalogue websites that you are interested in. A lot of users use Pinterest to find recipes, DIY / craft ideas, tutorials, and more. As a baker your business could use it to store favourite recipes, photographs of your products, or drive traffic to your website.


YouTube is a video sharing and storing site. Content includes tutorials, corporate videos, short movies, animations, demonstrations, and more. The platform has a great built-in search engine making it easy for users to find, watch, and engage with the content they are interested in. As a baker this platform is useful for learning new skills, or publishing your own how-to videos.


Twitter is a great place to keep up with news and current events. The platform is used a lot by larger corporations, government, and newspapers. Posts are limited to 280 characters including hash tags and links and can include video, GIFs, and photos. As a baker you can use twitter to keep up with current events.


Tiktok is a fun social media platform used to publish short videos. This platform is a great way to build a reputation / personality around your business because video content is usually funny, quirky, and more real than a photograph. Baking businesses can use Tiktok to show their customers what it is like in the kitchen or introduce the staff and allow people to get to know the real you.


LinkedIn is a professional business networking site where users usually publish information about their career, business activities, or professional interests. Think of it as an online resume. It’s great for business to business marketing and learning about the people in your industry.