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About the Competition

When: September yearly
Where: The competition is judged at Fine Foods in Melbourne. Entries are accepted Australia wide.

The Official Great Aussie Meat Pie Competition was established in 1989 by John Ross and Craig Perry. In 2011 the rights to run the Competition were bought by the Australian Pie Council Pty Ltd, a consortium of industry leading companies in the baking industry. Since 2012 the competition has been known as the Official Great Aussie Pie Competition (OGAPC). 

The competition runs yearly usually in September and is generally hosted at the Melbourne Fine Foods Exhibition. Over time the categories have evolved to the diversity of bakers in Australia. New categories include vegetarian and non-red meat ingredients.

The competition aims to raise the quality standards of pies throughout Australia while enhancing a sense of pride among bakers who specialise in pie making. The judging panel consists of TAFE trainers, chefs, bakers, and bakery industry reps who are all experts in their field and capable of providing valuable feedback on each entry.

How to enter

  • All entries must be registered via the official entry form
  • Once your registration is accepted, you will be sent an email containing your Entry Kit with all relevant delivery details, handy hints, PR advice, etc. for the competition

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From year to year the prizes for the event change however, they generally consist of equipment and ingredients from sponsors, for example $500 worth of EOI products. Each winner also receives a free 12 month NBIA membership subscription. Details will be included in the Entry Kit.